How to Clean Your Glasses

Clean glasses are a must for clear vision. Plus, who wants to show up to a meeting or social event with smudged, dirty lenses? Using the proper techniques will prolong the life of your spectacles by decreasing the chance of scratches and protecting lens coatings. Unfortunately, a lot of glasses wearers have some bad cleaning habits. The Spectacle Shoppe will show you how to do it the right way.

How to Clean Your Glasses:

There are tons of lens cleaners out there, but the most effective method is using a mild dish soap and warm water. Simply dip your finger in the soap and rub it gently on your lenses. Rinse and then use a soft cloth made of cotton to dry them. Do this every morning and be sure to clean the frames as well.

When on the go use a cleaning spray specifically formulated for eyeglasses along with a microfiber cleaning cloth. Spray both sides. For minor smudges, just use the cloth. Towelettes pre-moistened with eyeglass cleaner are also available.

While you should use the same techniques for glass and plastic lenses, keep in mind that plastic lenses scratch especially easy.

How Not to Clean Your Eyeglass Lenses:

Here are some don’ts when it comes to lens care:

  • Never use your shirt, tissues, napkins or paper towels to dry lenses or wipe off smudges. The materials will scratch lenses and also leave behind debris.
  • Don’t use window cleaner, ammonia or other chemicals. It will destroy the coating on your lenses.
  • Avoid the spit method. It’s ineffective and not very hygienic.

Tips for the Long-Term Care of Glasses

Glasses are an investment. Make them last as long as possible with proper care. Clean your glasses using the soap and water method on a daily basis and do touch-ups as necessary to stop oils and debris from building up on the surface of the lens. In addition, keep your glasses off the sink when using things like hair products, as they can also cause build-up. 

To prevent scratches heed the “don’ts” above and never rest your glasses on the lenses when you put them down. Storing your spectacles in their case when not in use will also preserve them and keep them clean. Opt for anti-reflective coating to protect glasses from scratches and smudges.

If you’re in need of a pair of glasses, visit the Spectacle Shoppe for expert care and advice. We’ll find the perfect durable spectacles to complement your face and help you choose the ideal coating. Do you have questions about maintaining them? Just ask us! Contact the Spectacle Shoppe today.

Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


Morgan is The Spectacle Shoppe’s Lead Technician and Customer Relations Specialist as well as a Principle of Spectacle Shoppe. She is a licensed contact lens fitter and dispensing optician and has been working for The Spectacle Shoppe since 2006. She graduated from Douglas College’s two year Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Fitting Program in 2008. From contact lens fitting to eyeglass repairs and adjustments Morgan is eager to help you with any optical needs. Connect with Morgan Nahanee on Google+