7 of the Best Kids See for the First Time Videos

I think pretty much everyone has had a video pop up on their Facebook feed where a baby sees mom clearly for the first time and I have to admit, they melt my heart. At the Spectacle Shoppe, we really pride ourselves on helping our Kerrisdale glasses customers have crisp, clear vision (while looking great too, of course!).

7 of the Best Kids See for the First Time Videos

I’m also a mom, so I’m doubly touched by the prospect of babies finally getting glasses and being able to make out their parents’ faces. I’d probably grab a few tissues before perusing this list of my favorite kids see for the first time videos.


It’s no surprise a video capturing the moment when this cute baby sees her parents clearly for the first time has almost 2.5 million views. Tiny Piper is extremely farsighted and when her parents put on a pair of adorable pink glasses, she breaks out in a huge grin. Her amazement is priceless.


This three-month-old baby is absolutely delighted by the sight of her mom when she tries on her glasses and I’m absolutely delighted by her heartwarming reaction.


Leo has a rare disorder that affects his vision and for the first four months of his life, he had an extremely fuzzy view of the world. That is until his parents put little blue specs on him. His beautiful smile is what cements this as one of my favorite videos in the baby sees with glasses genre.


With over 14 million views, this video is a fan favorite. We love baby Louise’s astonishment and pure joy when she gets that first glimpse of her mom and the emotion in her mother’s voice when she makes eye contact with her daughter.


When this baby with glasses looks at mom and dad, he appears a little shocked at first but the surprise is quickly replaced with a sweet smile.


It’s tears all around when this blind child sees mom for the first time. The story itself is extremely moving. When the little girl’s mother posted about her need for surgery on Facebook, strangers shared it and raised over $17,000 to fly them both to the United States for medical care.


If you just can’t get enough of the cuteness, here’s a great babies seeing for the first time with glasses compilation.



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Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


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