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These days, eyeglass frames are so stylish they’ve become a fashion accessory (just check out our newest Vancouver eyewear). That also means less people are automatically turning to contact lenses. Wear your glasses day and night to show off your personality. With a little know-how, you can ensure your makeup looks just as flawless as your frames, allowing you to still highlight your eyes behind your specs and pull your whole look together. At the Spectacle Shoppe, we’re all about helping our customers – and blog readers – look and feel their absolute best, which is why we’re sharing our favorite makeup tips for women who wear glasses.

  • Go for light or neutral eye shadow shades – To keep eyes from looking heavy or tired and since you’ll be making your eyes pop with liner, which we’ll get to shortly, stick with light or neutral eye shadow. It’s one of the best makeup tips for girls with glasses. A shade with a bit of shimmer is flattering on everyone and will instantly brighten things up. Apply it to your entire lid. Then, blend a slightly darker hue into and just above your eye crease. Use a little highlighter on the inside corners of your eyes and on your brow bones to combat shadows and open the area up.
  • Adjust your eyeliner to your glasses – Another of our favorite makeup tips for women with glasses is to work with the style of your frames when it comes to your eyeliner. You can prevent your liner from getting lost or overshadowed by the frames by choosing the right color and thickness of your line. Pick a liner that’s a little lighter than the color of your frames. You might also want to consider navy or burgundy instead of black since these are flattering on all skin tones and tend to look less heavy. Your frames should dictate the thickness of your liner. If they’re thick, keep your liner thick too. For bold frames, consider winged liner or something that will make a bit of a statement.
  • Create a smoky, nighttime look with liner not shadow – You can absolutely rock a smoky eye with glasses. However, you’ll still want to try to avoid dark eye shadow and instead create the look using liner. As we said, choose a liner that’s a little lighter in color than your frames. Apply it close to the upper and lower lashes and then smudge it for a smoky effect. Add shimmer on the inner corner of your eye to amp it up.
  • Use an eyelash curler – An eyelash curler is an important part of your everyday makeup for glasses. It will make your eyes look even bigger and give your lashes some curl. Even if you’re wearing mascara, we’d still recommend curling your lashes – just be sure to do it before you swipe on your mascara. If you have really long eyelashes, curling them will also give them enough lift that they won’t hit your lenses.
  • Think volume over length for your mascara – Any list of makeup tips for girls with glasses worth its salt should note that you’ll want to choose a volumizing or thickening mascara instead of a lengthening one because you don’t want the ends of your lashes to brush against your lenses all day. Deposit the thickest layer of mascara at your eyelash roots and then brush lightly to the tips. Do this by starting at the base of your lashes and wiggling the mascara brush back and forth. A nourishing, waterproof formula can be the best option because it shouldn’t flake or get under your eyes.
  • Be mindful of the shadows glasses create – Eyeglass frames create shadows and can make your eyes look sunken in and circles appear darker. Apply an eye-brightening concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles. Set your makeup with a light dusting of powder. Finish by using a nude liner on the bottom lashes to really add brightness.
  • Give your brows some TLC – Glasses do draw attention to your eyebrows so making sure they’re defined and neat is one of the keys to makeup and glasses. Tweeze strays that are below the arch and then brush the hair up and over. Using an eyebrow pencil in the same color as your hair, fill in any areas that are looking sparse for a polished look.
  • Prep your face – When you wear frames all day, especially larger ones, they can sometimes leave read marks on your nose. Apply a tinted moisturizer all over your face with special attention to the bridge of your nose or anywhere marks or indents may show up. For more coverage, use a foundation. Just make sure to blot well after applying so that it doesn’t come off on your glasses throughout the day. If you have oily skin and your glasses slip, an oil-absorbing primer or foundation followed by powder on the bridge of your nose can help keep your frames in place.
  • Balance your lip color – To keep the focus on your eyes, stick with a neutral lip color or a nice slightly pink hue for a flushed look. If you want to play up bold frames, you can opt for bold lips and instead create a sense of balance by going with a matte finish.

Now that you have all of the makeup tips you need, swing by the Spectacle Shoppe to get the perfect Vancouver glasses to top it all off!

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