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As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it’s a sure sign that summer is officially here. For the eyewear experts at Spectacle Shoppe, that means it’s sunglass season! Summer is the perfect opportunity to update your sunglasses and buy that trendy pair you’ve been eyeing all year. Are you ready to rock ‘90s-style rectangular frames or maybe you prefer a ‘70s flair? Whichever style you go for, one thing is for sure: sunglass trends for 2019 are all about a retro revival.

As the go-to shop for sunglasses in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on bringing the latest sunglass trends and styles to our customers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest trending sunglasses for this summer. Whether you’re hitting the beach, attending a wedding or grabbing brunch with friends, these shades are sure to bring out your inner trendsetter.

1. ‘90s-Style Tiny Frames

If there’s one major trend happening across the fashion industry in 2019, it’s that the ‘90s are alive and well. Just like overalls, chokers and tie-dye are all back on the runways, so are the tiny, narrow sunglass frames everyone rocked a few decades back. From rectangular to oval, there’s a ‘90s shape to flatter every face.

2. '70s-Style Large Square Frames

Remember those giant, square, wire frames your grandpa used to wear? Those ‘70s-era shades are all the rage for sunglasses in 2019. Think big and boxy shapes, see-through lenses and bright hues. The big frames aren’t just super stylish — they’re also practical for sunny weather because they offer full protection.

3. ‘60s-Style Cat-Eye Frames

Who could forget Audrey Hepburn’s iconic oversized cat-eye sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? While the original cat-eye frames were first seen in the 1930s, the style rose in popularity after Holly Golightly gave them a modern flair in the ‘60s. Now, the jumbo-sized cat-eyes are back again in classic colours, like black and tortoise, and trendy translucent hues. Cat-eye frames are the perfect trending sunglasses for those looking to create a feminine look.

4. Patterned Frames

This is one of our favourite summer sunglasses trends for 2019. While black frames are great for a classic, understated look, why not mix it up and show your creative side with some wild patterned frames? Patterns have been showing up everywhere in the fashion world this year — from leopard print and stripes to polka dots and plaid — so it’s no surprise that sunglasses have finally caught up.

5. Round Frames

Also a throwback to ‘60s and ‘70s style, round John Lennon-esque frames are back with modern upgrades and colourways. Round frames come in all shapes and textures, but we’re really liking the retro vibe of smaller metal frames with clear lenses. One of the best parts about round-framed sunglasses is that they’re great for men, women and everyone in between.

6. Shield Frames

If you really want to stand out this summer, this is one of the most unique sunglasses trends of 2019. Shield frames first made a splash last year but are back again, bigger and better than ever. A mash-up between the goggles you wore in science class and the ones you wear on the ski hill, these larger-than-life sunglasses are the perfect statement piece for your summer ensemble. Bonus: the giant lenses offer extra protection against sun damage.

7. Red Frames

Millennial pink, who? Sunglasses in 2019 are bolder than ever, in bright reds and deep lipstick-coloured frames. Make red frames your go-to sunglass trend to show your confidence and draw attention to your eyes. The stand-out shade pairs perfectly with any colour lens, from classic black to retro clear to modern translucent.

8. Sunglasses with a Chain

Let’s face it, we’ve probably all been worried about buying a trendy new pair of sunglasses only to lose them a few weeks later. Maybe it’s even happened to you before. That’s why the sunglass chain trend is definitely something we can get behind — and you should too! Aside from keeping your sunglasses where they belong (on your body), sunglass chains are also a way to amp up your accessorizing skills. Gone are the sporty straps from years’ past. For 2019, try big, bold chains, understated pearls or a sleek gold strand. This super fashionable trend does double-time as jewelry and is a practical way to make sure you never lose a pair of sunnies again.
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