The Coolest 2018 Eyewear Trends for Mom, Dad and the Kids

At the Spectacle Shoppe, we’re all about craftsmanship and marrying great design with amazing quality. Whether a customer opts for a pair of designer prescription eyeglass frames or gorgeous sunglasses from a beloved brand, we want them to look, feel and see their absolute best.

That’s why we hand pick every frame we have in our Kerrisdale eyewear store. In doing that, we have to stay up on the latest and greatest in the world of specs and I have to say, the spring 2018 eyewear trends are some of the best I’ve seen in a while.

I’m loving the styles that are popping up everywhere from the red carpet to Instagram. So, what are the eyewear trends for 2018 that have caught my attention? Read on to find out how men, women and kids can perfect their vision in style.

2018 Eyewear Trends for Adults

Thin, Metal Frames 

For a while, thick acetate frames were all the rage. While, as you’ll see shortly, acetate isn’t going anywhere, frames are getting slimmer and more tailored and one of the 2018 eyewear trends for women and men alike is actually thin, metal frames reminiscent of the 70s.

Aviators have been especially popular and even the double bridge is making a comeback. The New York Times first predicted this glasses trend last year and it’s continuing to go strong through spring. The aviator style has been spotted on celebrities like Busy Philipps, Gigi Hadid and Tracee Ellis Ross and round, wire-rimmed frames were seen on Kendall Jenner and Kit Harrington.

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Translucent Pops of Color 

I love how lightweight, durable and comfortable acetate frames are but unlike the past few years which saw a lot of dark, thick frames, for both women’s and men’s eyewear trends 2018 is shaping up to be lighter and brighter.

While people are still going with bolder hues, a lot of the frames are thinner and more translucent, which mellows things out a bit and lets in some light. Translucent red, pink, brown and purple are definitely in and some frames are even two-toned like the ones Emmy Rossum and Matt Bomer are fond of.

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Tortoise Shell

Tortoise shell is one of my favorite men’s and 2018 women’s eyewear trend but, then again, has it ever really gone out of style? The classic pattern has been showing up on vintage-inspired frames, including those in a cat eye shape, as well as oversized “nerd chic” styles.

For a modern twist, some glasses designers are adding in unexpected colors too. Tortoise shell is sophisticated but it can still be youthful and fun. Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Vancouver style blogger Krystin Sire and Ryan Gosling all know how to work tortoise shell frames.

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Mixed Materials

Both men and women have embraced mixed materials, usually preferring a combination of metal and acetate. It’s unique and creates a lot of visual interest. The most popular styles have a bit of a retro feel but are still modern. Go for metal rims and acetate temples or mix materials in a reinvented browline style.

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All About the Brow

Considering this season’s flirtation with styles of times past, it’s probably not a huge surprise that one of the 2018 eyewear trends for women and men is retro browline glasses, or Cubmaster glasses, with some frames very reminiscent of the 50s and others a loose interpretation of the originals. The iconic, semi-rimmed style boasts some seriously bold brow details and colors.

While it has certainly been a big one for the 2018 men’s glasses trends with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matt Bomer, Gary Oldman and NBA player, Chris Paul, all having been photographed wearing them, women are also embracing the throwback style. Rashida Jones pulled off a pair flawlessly as did one of my favorite Vancouver mommy bloggers, Husna of The Accidental Mommy.

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Digital Protection

Okay, so this has nothing to do with the actual style of eyeglass frames but another trend is blue light-blocking lenses. In fact, I actually use them myself. Coatings that protect the eyes from blue light, also known as high-energy visible light (HEV), aren’t a fad that’s going to disappear because the coating makes your eyes so much more comfortable and really works.

We live in a world where we’re constantly staring at devices and the blue light they emit can lead to a host of issues ranging from insomnia to digital eyestrain. My personal favorite lens coating is Crizal Prevencia because it lets the beneficial blue-turquoise light in but keeps out the harmful HEV light.

As for Sunglasses, Go Big, Round or Cat Eye

When it comes to 2018 sunglasses trends, large frames and cat eye and round shapes were three styles that topped the list. I’m a fan of big sunglasses because they look fashion forward but they also offer superior protection for your eyes. The Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli and Giorgio Armani spring 2018 runways went big and round and Badgley Mischka opted for cat eye frames. Oversized aviators are still dominating and we’ve seen them on everyone from Kanye West and Victoria Beckham to Vancouver mom blogger Clarissa Dingle of Life With Sass.

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2018 Kids’ Eyewear Trends

One of the things I’ve found to be true as an eyewear specialist and a mom, is that when kids love their glasses, they’ll actually wear them. We carry really, really cool kids’ glasses in Vancouver at our store. If I’m being honest, I’d wear most of them myself if they came in grown-up sizes.

Just because children are tiny doesn’t mean they don’t care about style. They want to look great too. Plus, you can get away with some really fun colors and patterns when you’re in elementary school. These are the 2018 children’s eyewear trends I can’t get enough of:  

Bright, Candy-Colored, Translucent Frames

Similar to what’s hot with adults right now, children’s eyewear trends include translucent acetate frames in vibrant, happy colors like pink, blue, green and red. A sleeker, rectangular shape can give bold frames a more everyday look but any shape works. Celebrity kiddo, Seraphina Affleck, loves wearing hot pink glasses and she looks adorable in them.

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Youthful Sophistication

Sophisticated, grown-up frames with a just a touch of whimsy make for unique kids’ eyewear. I like ones that play with color or pattern to liven up minimalist styles. There are tons of these chic frames perfect for older kids, tweens and teens and famous offspring like Violet Affleck and Romeo Beckham lean towards the style.

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Funky Temples

Another of the big 2018 kids’ eyewear trends that blends classic and fun are frames that look unassuming from the front but feature colorful designs or graphics on the temples. It makes them practical as the glasses will look good no matter what your kid is wearing but they’re still far from boring.

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Vintage Charm

There are plenty of kids’ frames with a vintage vibe in shapes that run the gamut from cat eye to round. I like when glasses are a little retro but feature modern materials for durability and a fresh style. The Stefani-Rossdale kids have really embraced this trend.

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Bold, Thin, Metal Frames

The 2018 children’s glasses trends mirror those of the adults but with more color. Kids too are turning to scaled-back, thin, metal frames, however, they tend to be in joyful hues.

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Though I’m thrilled with the 2018 eyewear trends for kids and adults and I think there’s a style to suit pretty much everyone, it’s crucial to get a pair of glasses that make you feel confident. So, if that means bucking the trends, that’s okay too!

We carry the latest styles of glasses and sunglasses in Vancouver at the Spectacle Shoppe, as well as all of the classics and customer favorites. Swing by our Kerrisdale eyewear store and we’ll help you find the ideal glasses that suit your face and personal style.  

Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


Morgan is The Spectacle Shoppe’s Lead Technician and Customer Relations Specialist as well as a Principle of Spectacle Shoppe. She is a licensed contact lens fitter and dispensing optician and has been working for The Spectacle Shoppe since 2006. She graduated from Douglas College’s two year Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Fitting Program in 2008. From contact lens fitting to eyeglass repairs and adjustments Morgan is eager to help you with any optical needs. Connect with Morgan Nahanee on Google+