The Most Dramatic Celebrity Glasses Take Offs

There can be something so dramatic about removing your glasses. Okay, maybe not in real life, but it definitely brings the drama when it happens in a movie or on television. Celebrity glasses wearers, or at least their characters, tend to be able to really make a statement when they slowly inch their spectacles or shades down their nose to glare at someone, or haphazardly rip them off in shock or, in some cases, put them on and deliver that killer one-liner (we’re looking at you, Detective Horatio Caine).

Of course as Vancouver eyewear specialists, we’re probably more likely to notice quirky moments involving celebrity eyewear than your average person. We do love glasses after all. Here are some The Spectacle Shoppe’s favorite funny, entertaining and just plain dramatic glasses take offs (and a few put ons):

Aviator sales must have skyrocketed after Tom Cruise melted hearts casually putting on his shades in Top Gun (oh, those pre-couch jumping days).

A little sloppy in his execution but how else was he going to get a closer look at all of those dinos? Hopefully he didn’t break his shades. 


Who would mess with her? The equal amounts of force and grace she uses to whip those sunglasses off is pretty intimidating.

Queen Bey could make anything look good but she definitely has eyeglasses removal down to a science. 

Tyler Durden has perfected the aggressive sunglasses take off. Not too many other people could pull of wearing sunglasses indoors, particularly since it appears to be evening. May we suggest Transitions lenses for anyone who’s not Brad Pitt that likes to rock their shades 24/7?

For some reason the automatic response to surprise in any film is the immediate removal of sunglasses. 

It’s practically mandatory, the sunglasses must come off before you deliver a dramatic line or stellar pun. If you’re a scientist or the hero, you better believe there’s no other way to drive your point home. The extensively used trope is apparently still going strong.


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Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


Morgan is The Spectacle Shoppe’s Lead Technician and Customer Relations Specialist as well as a Principle of Spectacle Shoppe. She is a licensed contact lens fitter and dispensing optician and has been working for The Spectacle Shoppe since 2006. She graduated from Douglas College’s two year Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Fitting Program in 2008. From contact lens fitting to eyeglass repairs and adjustments Morgan is eager to help you with any optical needs. Connect with Morgan Nahanee on Google+