Wear Specs? 10 Glasses Tips and Tricks to Make Life a Bit Easier

Of course, being that we’re Vancouver glasses and eyewear specialists, we’re smitten with glasses at the Spectacle Shoppe. With so many innovations and features, they’re more comfortable than ever to wear and allow you to experience crisp, clear vision. Plus, glasses are perfect for people with sensitive eyes; require minimal upkeep; in the long run, they’re actually more cost-effective than contacts; and they double as a chic fashion accessory. However, as with any form of vision correction, there are some challenges like fogging and fumbling around for them in the middle of the night. Well, we’re sharing our favourite hacks for glasses wearers, so that you and your spectacles have a happy relationship. 

10 Glasses Tips and Tricks

1. De- Fog Lenses

The weather, as well as working up a sweat, can cause glasses to fog or steam up. Anti-fog wipes are effective and there are sprays and pastes too. Just be sure they’re safe for your lens coatings. If you don’t have any wipes on hand, rinse and dry your glasses to get rid of any debris that could scratch your lenses when you rub them. After, squeeze some lotion-free dish soap onto a soft microfiber cloth and rub the soap all over the front and back of your lenses in a circular motion. When you’re finished, let your glasses dry for about 15 minutes (they should be clear at this point) and then gently wipe down your lenses with your cloth. The invisible soap residue is like a force field and keeps your glasses fog-free. Foam shaving cream and pure white bar soap will also do the trick. Go through the same steps as you would with the dish soap.

2. Find Your Glasses at Night

In the middle of the night when you have to use the bathroom or the baby starts crying, it’s a pain when you’re reaching around for your eyeglass case and end up knocking everything off your nightstand. To avert this situation, head to your local craft store for glow-in-the-dark tape. Adhere a strip to both sides of your case and voilà! You’ll never need to fumble again as long as you make it a habit to put your glasses in said case before going to sleep. Glow-in-the-dark paint or stickers work just fine too.

3. Avoid Misshapen, Sliding or Wonky Frames 

If you’re a longtime glasses wearer, you may have noticed how eventually your frames start to feel bigger and the fit goes down hill. Taking a preventative approach can ward this off and increase your frames’ longevity. We have a few glasses tricks to guide you. The first is to see a glasses’ pro for regular eyewear checkups. Stop by the Spectacle Shoppe, say hi and we’ll give your frames a tune up (plastic changes shape over time and screws can work their way loose). We’ll also make them sparkle with an ultrasonic bath. Another little known way to keep your glasses in tip-top shape is to use two hands and pull them straight off when removing them. Pulling them off with one hand gradually causes the temples to open up and your glasses to slide. Lastly, always, always put them in your case when you’re not wearing them, so you don’t accidentally bend your frames and distort the fit. 

4. Keep Coatings and Lenses Going Strong

Lenses and coatings will shrink or expand in extreme temperatures, which causes the two to separate and creates crazing (small scratches). Therefore, don’t leave your glasses in the car or in other places where it gets really hot or cold. To circumvent scratched lenses, store your glasses with the lenses facing up.

5. Stop Slippage in its Tracks

If your glasses keep slipping down your nose, wrap thin, elastic hair ties around the arms and slide them down so that they’re hidden behind your ears. Your glasses will stay put. You can also try to carefully tighten the screws on both sides of the temples with the tiny screwdriver that comes in an eyeglass repair kit. If you’ll be getting sweaty and jumping or running about and you’re not into the idea of a strap for your glasses, apply some glasses wax to the pads or bridge of your frames or rub some makeup primer on the bridge of your nose where your glasses rest. FYI: You can minimize sliding by wearing frames that fit!

6. Temporarily Replace a Missing Screw

If a screw falls out and one of the arms of your glasses detaches and you don’t have an eyeglass repair kit with you, take a toothpick and stick it into the hole that used to house the screw. Push it down and then carefully break off the top so that you no longer see the toothpick. It’ll keep your spectacles together until you can replace the screw. 

7. Adjust to Glasses if You’re a Newbie

One of the best tips for wearing glasses for the first time is to use them every day until you get acclimated, especially if you feel off balance. Occasionally, when you’re not used to being able to see everything with such clarity, it can be overwhelming and you may feel mildly dizzy for the first week or so. The recommended way to work through it is to wear your glasses as much as possible. Even if you plan on alternating between glasses and contacts, give your contacts a rest until you’re comfortable with your spectacles.   

8. Locate Your Specs

The chances are good that you’ve taken your glasses off before and then because you can’t see, they’re impossible to locate. Enter one of the most brilliant glasses tricks for nearsighted people we’ve heard in a long time. You can actually find your glasses using your cell phone camera! Look through your camera and it will give you good enough vision to search the room.    

9. Clean Dirty Glasses

No lens cleaner? No problem but step away from the alcohol and vinegar. We know that a lot of the DIY eyeglass cleaner recipes list these as ingredients but they can destroy lens coatings. Instead, rinse your glasses under lukewarm water. Then, gently clean both sides of your lenses as well as every part of your frames using your fingertip and a small drop of dishwashing liquid. Check that the soap doesn’t contain lotion or moisturizers. Thoroughly rinse your glasses again and dry them with a clean microfiber cloth. 

10. Choose the Perfect Pair

Who doesn’t love the convenience of ordering everything possible online? While it’s awesome for a lot of things, it doesn’t work very well when it comes to eyeglasses. Relying on DIY measurements and trying on frames virtually may not pan out like you think it will and then your vision will suffer and you won’t feel confident sporting your glasses in public. Visiting a brick-and-mortar store with professional eyewear specialists who can measure you, look at your face shape and features and suggest the best type of lenses, frames and coatings for your needs, ensures your glasses will fit perfectly, look amazing and you’ll be able to see clearly. This will eliminate the need to employ some of the common glasses hacks for things like slippage or a pinching bridge.    

Now that you’re well versed in troubleshooting glasses woes, swing by the Spectacle Shoppe in Kerrisdale. You can browse our selection of gorgeous, high-quality glasses and we’ll help you find your dream pair.

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Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


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