Why You Need Crizal Coating on Your Sunglasses

Now that those rainy Vancouver days will soon be giving way to the warmth and sunshine of late spring and summer, it’s the perfect time to splurge on some new shades. While a good number of our Kerrisdale eyewear customers at the Spectacle Shoppe wear prescription sunglasses, even those that are using them solely to keep the sun out of their eyes or show off their style will want to invest in a quality pair. Well-made sunglasses will ensure your eyes are safe from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and, of course, look fantastic. Yet, beyond the actual sunglasses themselves, lens coatings, such as our favourite, Essilor Crizal, can make a huge difference in your eye comfort and protect the lenses and your vision. We’ll walk you through why we’re such big proponents of Crizal coatings for sunglasses.

Crizal Coating on Sunglasses

What is Crizal?

Crizal coatings, which we feature at the Spectacle Shoppe, are available for both regular glasses and sunglasses. The brand offers Crizal Sun UV, which is a line of coatings specifically designed for sun lenses to maximize the UV protection. Using special machinery, the coating materials are vaporized so they stick evenly to the surface of the lenses. It’s an extremely thin layer (thinner than a strand of hair!) so you don’t see the coating and it doesn’t add any visible thickness. There are a ton of benefits, which we’ll get to shortly.

Essilor has been working on making the coatings more aesthetically pleasing and they’ve released a bunch of amazing flash and mirror colours ranging from your usual shades of black and silver to more exotic hues like green and yellow. There’s even an app that lets you discover new looks and see how the different colours will work on your sunglasses.

What are the Benefits of Crizal

The Crizal coatings guarantee different levels of UV protection so our customers can trust that their eyes are really being protected as opposed to the placebo some cheap sunglasses offer. In fact, Crizal UV has an E-SPF50+ index, the highest E-SPF index on sunglass lenses, for serious UV protection outdoors. The E-SPF, or Eye-Sun Protection Factor, system was developed by Essilor and this essentially means that the wearer’s eyes are over 50 times more protected than they would be without any lenses.

Why You Need Crizal Coating on Your Sunglasses

In addition to complete protection from harmful UV rays, Crizal coatings allow people to see more clearly and they reduce glare and reflections, which is particularly helpful when you’re driving. The coatings are like a force field and resist scratches and smudges and repel water drops and dust. They’ll ensure your lenses last longer, are easier to clean and you have excellent visual performance.

Why is UV Protection so Important?

When people ask if us Crizal coatings are worth it, we always say yes and it’s not only because they help you see better and keep your lenses in good condition. The UV protection they offer is essential. Exposure to UV rays from the sun damages the skin around the eyes, increasing your risk of skin cancer and premature aging. It also makes eye diseases like cataracts more likely to occur. The negative impact of exposure to the sun’s rays is cumulative, which is one reason why children need sunglasses too. Remember, ultraviolet rays can travel through clouds and glass including windshields, so you should wear sunglasses daily when you’re outside or in a car during daylight hours regardless of the weather or season. 

At the Spectacle Shoppe, we offer Crizal coatings because we want your eyes to be protected. Give your lenses a boost! Check out our selection of sunglasses from the top brands for adults and children and stop by our Kerrisdale eyewear store for expert guidance. We’ll help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit your face shape, lifestyle and vision needs as well as the right coating to go with it.


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Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


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