Swank Mama

Kristina of Swank Mama, a Top 25 Canadian Mom blog wrote about her awesome experience at the Spectacle Shoppe and even did a little interview with none other than yourself truly about the experience of running the store, the uniqueness of the Spectacle shopping experience and the importance of early eye exams for kids. 

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Morgan Nahanee
Morgan Nahanee


Morgan is The Spectacle Shoppe’s Lead Technician and Customer Relations Specialist as well as a Principle of Spectacle Shoppe. She is a licensed contact lens fitter and dispensing optician and has been working for The Spectacle Shoppe since 2006. She graduated from Douglas College’s two year Dispensing Optician and Contact Lens Fitting Program in 2008. From contact lens fitting to eyeglass repairs and adjustments Morgan is eager to help you with any optical needs. Connect with Morgan Nahanee on Google+

September 28, 2015