Essilor Lens Wear

Essilor lenses came into existence 160 years ago when two leading French optical companies, Essel and Silor, merged.. The company now operates on a global scale in 54 countries. Since 1972, Essilor Canada has been at the top of its game with innovative products, years of experience, and a Canada-wide distribution network. Essilor provides Canadian eye care professionals with high-tech service due to its 40 local full-service optical laboratories, three laboratories for digital surfacing, and four coating facilities from coast to coast. Major industrial investments, a visual presence among clientele, and frequent innovations ensure excellent customer service and enhanced performance products. The company is involved every step of the way, from the manufacturing of products to in-store delivery.

The Technology:

Named one of the "World's Most Innovative Companies," by Forbes in 2011, Essilor places "wearers and their specific needs at the heart of the approach." The group now allocates 150 million Euros to research and development investments and boasts 550 researchers from around the globe in its three Innovation and Technology centers. By staying ahead of the curve with new technology, Essilor offers thin, lightweight, high quality lenses to suit any wearer's needs, whether they are single vision lenses, bifocals, progressives, sunglasses, trifocals, computer lenses, or specialty lenses. Essilor has made huge advances in the progressives market. After the age of 40, individuals may notice the gradual loss of near vision, known as presbyopia. In the past, this would have required a separate pair of reading glasses, in addition to everyday spectacles or thick bifocal lenses. Progressive lenses transition from near vision to intermediate vision to distance vision seamlessly and offer the necessary corrections in between. This can ease eyestrain and offers natural vision.

Crowd-Pleasing Creations:

Varilux Physio 360° lenses are also created using W.A.V.E. 2.0 Technology. With sharper vision across the entire lens surface, they perform in all situations. The lenses feature high-resolution vision, improved contrast perception, wider fields of vision, and peak visual performance. Physio 360° uses the same technology as the others, however, the lenses are personalized to translate your wearing patterns into the design. In addition to the benefits found in the rest of the Physio family, these lenses also offer custom-located near vision to provide superior comfort. The lenses can be adapted to any size frame.