Nikon Lens Wear

Nikon isn’t just a big name in photography. The company’s success with camera lenses has translated into equally sought-after eyeglass lenses and coatings. Wearers rave about the comfort and quality of Nikon Lens Wear, particularly the fact that the lenses are incredibly close to natural vision. Using advanced materials and coatings, Nikon has made a name for itself in the ophthalmic industry. From single vision to progressive lenses, the brand has been synonymous with quality lens wear since 1946 (even before introducing their first mass-market camera!). 

The Technology:

Nikon relies on cutting-edge Nikon Digital Surfacing Technology for Nikon W and Nikon Seemax™ lenses and is now expanding the technology's use to other products, like the Nikon i Digital and Nikon Go Digital lenses. The technology enhances image resolution and precision, lessens distortion, and creates controlled visual zones. No more suffering with thick lenses. While Nikon offers the standard spherical lens, the company also produces aspheric and double-aspheric lenses that integrate front and back surface geometry to eliminate distortion and ensure sharp, clear images. Aspheric and double aspheric lenses have flat curvatures and are thin and lightweight. The brand’s progressive lenses eliminate the need for bifocals, as they provide near, intermediate, and far vision. Each of the four series of lenses is suited to small frames and ensures a large field of vision and almost no adaptation period.

Crowd–Pleasing Creations:

Another anti-reflective option for protecting your lenses is the Nikon SeeCoat Plus. It maintains the aesthetic appeal of eyeglasses and is perfect for everyday usability. The coating gives lenses a natural look and there is little color variation in their reflection. The uniquely transparent Nikon HCC ICE is also designed with aesthetics in mind. It makes lenses easier to clean and nixes unwanted glare. Nikon HCC is the brand’s base water-repelling and anti-reflective coating. It has three coats in one. Along with the hydrophobic coating and that to eliminate glare, there is also a scratch-resistant coating in one smooth finish. Reflections and ghost images will be problems of the past. All of the coatings are created in “clean-room” lab conditions, which other lens manufacturers can’t claim. This means the coatings are high quality, contaminant-free, and have excellent optical performance.