Zeiss Lens Wear

Carl Zeiss founded the company in 1846 and became one of the top manufacturers of precision mechanics and optics in Germany. Today, the Vision Care group of Carl Zeiss is an international leader in ophthalmic spectacle lenses. The group develops and manufactures technologically advanced ophthalmic products, services, and instruments. Zeiss offers spectacle lenses for nearly every frame, occasion, and vision need.  

The Technology:

Carl Zeiss Vision knows that all eyes are unique and therefore lenses should be tailored to suit an individual's needs.. In addition to a standard eye exam, the group's new i.Profiler® system analyzes eye data for a customized fit. By relying on wave front technology, the performance of the eye is objectively checked under different light conditions, contrasts, and reflections to determine the sharpness of vision, spatial perception, and even how one's eyes interact.. Zeiss lenses don't just sharpen a customer's vision, they also enhance color spectrums and improve night vision by reducing glare. Using the information gleaned from the i-Profiler® exam, Zeiss calculates lens values using a new mathematical method and employs maximum precision during lens production.


Crowd–Pleasing Creations: