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A Guide to Glasses Measurements

July 15, 2016

At our Kerrisdale optical store, we’re experts at getting our customers into the perfect fitting pair of eyeglasses. Not only are we familiar with what looks good on you based on factors like face shape, we also take measurements to ensure frames are comfortable, sit properly on your face and most importantly, help you see clearly. While it may seem really easy to go online, click on a pretty pair of cheap frames and order glasses, there’s actually much more to it and there’s no substitute for visiting a store in person and being measured. Plus, frames don’t come in a set size like shoes. The size of a frame is more of an indication that they may work for you and not a guarantee, which is why DIY measurements can be perilous. While we take certain measurements, which we’ll go over, you’ll also need to try on frames to get the fit you want.

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