Hoya Lens Wear

Hoya lenses may not be a household name yet, but if you're considering the brand's lenses you're in good hands. The company's lenses have been used on space shuttles, medical imaging devices, and even inside LCD TV panels. Hoya combines over 50 years of optical engineering experience with advanced materials, and high-tech knowledge.  

The Technology:

Hoya’s innovative spirit holds true when it comes to eyeglass lenses as well. Hoya created HOYALUX iD technology to determine the specific correction requirements in each eye. It takes this data and simulates the way in which the eyes see. Then, the Integrated Double Surface design process shapes the lens design on the front and back surfaces for easier, seamless transitions from near and far distances. There's no more swimming or swaying. Only wider, clearer viewing zones. Progressive lenses don't exhibit the challenges associated with bifocals, such as poor vision at intermediate distances, and unsightly lines. These "no-line" spectacle lenses have a gradual curve across the surface of the lens so that near, far, and intermediate distances are clearer and the transition between them is smoother.

Crowd-Pleasing Creations:

Like all Hoya progressive lenses, the LifeStyle line includes a custom design that is shaped on the front and back surfaces of the lens for precision. Distorted areas on the lens are pinpointed and corrected using computer evaluation. The adaptation between viewing ranges and angles is smooth, for clear peripheral vision. You'll hardly know you're wearing them. Their shape even helps maintain natural movements of the head and neck.

Hoya's lenses are designed specifically for your eyes. Whether you need single vision, progressives, specialty lenses, or a glare-busting coating, you'll be impressed with their optical performance.