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Anyone who’s had the misfortune of wearing an ill-fitting pair of glasses knows how annoying it can be. Finding glasses that fit and look good are like finding the perfect pair of jeans and just like jeans, it’s not one-size-fits-all. When we help our customers find glasses in Vancouver, we take multiple measurements and factors into account, such as the nose bridge measurement. Bridge width is the distance between the lenses from inside of the rim across the frame. Since incorrect bridge fit is a common issue (ahem online optical retailers!), The Spectacle Shoppe is here to delve into it for you.

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So first, how should glasses sit on the nose? They should fit securely on the bridge with no pinching. You should be able to bend over, wiggle your head from side to side, and basically prance around without those babies falling off or sliding up and down. If the bridge is too small, your glasses will be situated overly high on your nose, plus they’ll pinch. If the bridge is too large, the frames will slide down constantly.

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Eyeglass frame measurements consist of three numbers in a format like 55-16-140. That middle number is the bridge width. As we said before, this number is the distance between the lenses and it ranges from 14 to 24. If your nose is narrow or your eyes are close together you’ll want a lower number, such as 14mm to 18mm. If your nose is wider or your eyes are set further apart, aim for 18mm or higher. Those who are virtually bridgeless sometimes do best with metal frames as most feature adjustable nose pads. It’s important to note that just because your last pair had a 16mm measurement, it doesn’t mean it will work every time since the depth of the lens and bridge design affect the fit.

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If you’ve ever spent an afternoon trying on eyeglasses, you’re probably well aware that not all frame styles will be flattering or comfortable on you regardless of how snugly they fit on your nose. The shape and position of the nose bridge can make or break the fit and look as well. When eyeing up frames, note where the bridge is located in relation to the brow line. If you have a high nose bridge (above your pupils) you’ll want to go for frames with a bridge that is in line with or close to the brow line. If you have a low nose bridge (at or below your pupils), frames with a bridge below the brow line and those with curved brow lines will look fantastic.

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What do you do if your glasses are irritating the bridge of the nose? There are a few ways to make your spectacles more comfortable until you have time to visit one of our Kerrisdale opticians for a professional fitting.

If your glasses come with adjustable nose pads, get to work! Gently moving them closer together with needle-nose pliers will make the bridge narrower and will stop them from sliding down your face. Widen the nose pads if the frames are pinching or sitting too high. If your glasses don’t have this wonderful feature, there are adhesive and screw-on nose pads you can buy to place on your frames.

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If this doesn’t work, bring them into our Vancouver optical store and we’ll take a look. We always encourage customers to try on frames in the store, as professional measurements and adjustments can make all of the difference. Stop by The Spectacle Shoppe in Kerrisdale today for sunglasses or eyeglasses that look stunning, feel great, and hug all of the right places, nose bridge included.