Our Favorite Fall 2019 Eyewear Trends

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Our Favorite Fall 2019 Eyewear Trends

At Spectacle Shoppe, we love summer as much as our Vancouver eyewear customers. But as soon as September hits, we can’t help but get excited about the fall season. That’s because autumn brings a fresh opportunity to change up your glasses and try something new. Think beautiful shades of orange and red to match the falling leaves. Or oversized frames inspired by the upcoming ski season. Whatever your style, this fall is sure to have fun and fashionable frames for everyone. To help you get the most of your autumn look, here’s the ultimate guide to the best Vancouver eyewear trends this year.

  1. Go Bold with Bright Yellow Lenses (or Frames)
    After a long, hot summer, September is all about getting back to routine. The new season is also a chance to get a fresh start. Whether you’re heading back to school or back to work, this is the perfect time to give your style an upgrade. Instead of defaulting to your go-to look, go bold this year with yellow lenses. Not only are they one of the hottest sunglass trends for 2019, they’re super practical, too: yellow lenses can improve your depth perception which is perfect for foggy days, and they also help to filter blue light from computer screens. Sunglasses with yellow lenses are available in all shapes and sizes, so try on a few to find a shape that’s right for you.
  2. Be Cool with Snow White Frames
    While we won’t be seeing any snow for a few more months (in Vancouver, at least!), eyewear trends for fall and winter 2019 are inspired by a winter white-out. Pale frames — from stark white to steely gray — are all the rage on runways this season. Ideal for both men and women who want to make a subtle statement, cool-colored frames will give your fall style the edge you’re looking for.
  3. Get Cozy with Fall-Inspired Oranges and Reds
    One of our favorite things about fall is the ever-changing colors. As the leaves turn from orange to red, the whole city begins to look like it’s glowing. Naturally, the fall foliage is the perfect inspiration for one of the best 2019 eyewear trends: autumnal frames and lenses are warm, burnt tones. Channel the beauty of the season by pairing neutral tones, like beiges and browns, with a warm pop of fall-colored glasses. The best part is that these colors work well with all skin tones.
  4. Let Your Wild Side Out with Leopard Print Frames
    Tortoiseshell, move over. This fall 2019 eyewear trend is here to stay. And it isn’t just limited to glasses — leopard print (and animal prints of all kinds) have been trending across the entire fashion world this year. This season, bring out your wild side with chunky animal-patterned frames. Not into a leopard? No problem! Go for zebra or cow print for a more minimalist look.
  5. Go Winter Chic with Giant Shield Glasses
    We mentioned this eyewear trend in our last blog post on summer sunglass styles, but it’s just as popular now as it was earlier this year. Shield frames look like they were taken straight off the ski hill, with oversized, goggle-style frames that offer big protection. They’re a sporty, trendy, and ultra-fashionable look for anyone looking to stand out. We’re not sure how long this trend will last so get your hands on a pair now to stay on the cutting edge.
  6. Keep it Simple with Nude Frames
    Looking for a more understated look this fall? Vintage-inspired nude and clear frames are the best Vancouver eyewear trend for you. These super-versatile shades are unisex and can be dressed up or down, making them the perfect accessory for everything from days at the office to pumpkin spiced coffee dates to a night on the town. Keep your clear frames simple with matching clear lenses, or combine two of the hottest fall eyewear trends by choosing red lenses. Since clear and nude frames also go with anything, we’re willing to bet you won’t want to go anywhere without them.

Still not sure which fall glasses trend is right for you? Come visit the eyewear experts at Spectacle Shoppe and try on some of this season’s best styles. We have the best selection of eyewear in Vancouver and we’re here to help you discover your next favorite pair.