A Beginner’s Guide To Eyewear

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If you’re planning to buy your first pair of spectacles or looking for frames that will make you look chic and fashionable, it’s essential to do a bit of preparation. With the wide selection of eyewear available today, it can be overwhelming to make a choice if you don’t know where to start. At The Spectacle Shoppe, we understand that you might feel confused by the whole process, especially when it’s your first time buying eyewear. After all, there are many factors to consider, including frame size, lens prescription, and so on. To help you shop and maintain your eyewear, we have put together a Beginner’s Guide to eyewear.

Getting Started

Get an up-to-date prescription: Firstly, you will need to have an up-to-date prescription. If you haven’t seen your eye doctor for a while, it’s definitely time to get a routine eye exam before purchasing new eyewear.

Next Steps

Research different lenses: Determine the type of eye lens you will want. If you require them for general purposes, then single vision glasses might be a good choice for you. If you have presbyopia, myopia, or any such eye condition, you need corrective lenses to help you see near or far objects as well as for reading purposes. Also, you will find lenses with anti-reflective coating, aspheric lenses, computer lenses, and frames with spring hinges. So, depending on your eyesight, lifestyle, and preference, make sure to learn what are the best lenses for your vision.

Choose the right frame: Pick a frame that fits best and is the correct sizing for your head. Also, keep in mind what you do on a daily basis. You’ll want to pick frames that suit your level of activity.

Have your frames adjusted: Allow a professional to make or bend your frames. They have the tools to ensure correct placement, keeping in mind the shape and size of your face. Make sure to avoid any online retailers that make lenses, as getting accurate measurements is so important. At The Spectacle Shoppe, we have the expertise, as we do this daily. We know how to take the proper measurements to optimize your vision in the best possible way.

Advice From The Pros

Attend regular eye appointments: Eye health is important, and getting regular eye check-ups is beneficial. If you have prescription lenses, then make sure you get them from a certified and experienced optometrist or ophthalmologist, so they can provide the most up-to-date and correct prescription to help you purchase the proper eyewear. It is best to visit your eye specialist every three to six months to get your glasses adjusted or tuned up.

If you don’t have serious eye conditions, it is advisable to make an eye exam appointment every two years or once a year for people with diabetes and anyone over sixty-five years of age.

Be open-minded: When choosing frames, attempt to be open-minded and try on different frame shapes and materials (metal, plastic). Most importantly, have fun, and share pictures with friends and family!

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