Which Eyeglass Frames Match Your Personality?

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Which Eyeglass Frames Match Your Personality

While face shape and lifestyle will play a big part in deciding on the perfect eyeglass frames for you, your personality and personal style are also important factors to consider. One of the things we pride ourselves on at our Kerrisdale eyewear store is helping our customers pick out the most flattering and functional frames. While nothing beats getting help from an eyewear pro at the Spectacle Shoppe, we thought we’d have a little fun by putting together a quiz to determine which eyeglass frames match your personality. Write down your answers and then tally them at the end for your results.

  1. My ideal vacation involves:
    • Lots of planning. I love having a detailed itinerary and I rarely stray from it.
    • Going wherever life takes me. Plans schmans.
    • Exploring the latest hidden gem I read about in a travel magazine. I enjoy going to places before they get too touristy.
    • Outdoor excursions like hiking, biking, or swimming.
  2. My dream job would be:
    • An accountant or doctor.
    • A musician or artist.
    • A freelancer like a graphic designer or social media manager.
    • A professional athlete.
  3. In my free time I like to:
    • Read non-fiction books or brush up on a new skill.
    • Mix things up with different creative projects.
    • Check out an obscure band at an underground venue.
    • Work out or bask in the great outdoors.
  4. My perfect first date would be:
    • Dinner and a movie.
    • An impromptu picnic on the beach.
    • Dinner and drinks at a cool, new restaurant.
    • A long hike.
  5. When it comes to movies, I gravitate towards:
    • Documentaries.
    • Romance.
    • Indie flicks.
    • Action movies.
  6. When I have a little bit of extra money, I:
    • Invest it.
    • Travel.
    • Go out for a night on the town.
    • Buy some camping gear.
  7. My friends ask me for advice on:
    • Practical matters like finances.
    • Balancing their chakras.
    • The coolest new coffee shops.
    • The best hiking trails.
  8. My interior design style is:
    • Classic and functional.
    • Eclectic and colorful.
    • Trendy and modern.
    • Nature-inspired.
  9. I like my clothes to be:
    • Neutral and versatile.
    • Unique and one-of-a-kind.
    • Stylish and fashion-forward.
    • Comfortable and good for outdoor adventures.
  10. My favorite place to shop is:
    • Online.
    • Thrift stores.
    • Local boutiques.
    • Anywhere with outdoor gear.


Add up how many A, B, C, and D answers you got. If you were evenly split, lucky you, you just have way more glasses options that go with your personality.

Mostly As:

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You’re no-nonsense, practical, and like the classics. Timeless styles for glasses with no-frills would suit your personality (think clean lines, neutral colors, and thin frames).

You might like:

Tom Davies TD435 – These classic eyeglass frames for men are sleek. The black, rectangular, titanium frames are cool but understated and go with anything.

Etnia Passau – Etnia Passau is timeless eyeglass frames for women. The semi-rimless frames are lightweight and comfortable but still stylish.

OGA 8230 – These men’s glasses are a full-rim style and are thin and simple.

Bellinger Easy – Bellinger Easy are tortoise print frames crafted from acetate. They’re gorgeous, classic, and work for any outfit or season.

Mostly Bs:

You’re a free spirit who marches to the beat of your own drum. You don’t get caught up in trends and prefer unique looks that reflect your bohemian spirit. Colorful, vintage-inspired frames with unique or bold details are right up your alley.

You might like:

Bellinger Patrol – These two-toned acetate eyeglass frames for women break the rules in the best way possible. The combination of neutral and bold pink is as unique and fun as your personality.

Etnia Barcelona Biarritz – Biarritz unisex glasses are oversized and inspired by the 60s. The geometric design and two-toned colors make a statement.

Blog by The Spectacle Shoppe

Tom Davies TD436 – These rounded two-toned glasses for men feature a striking black and red color story and a combination of titanium and acetate. These are ideal for a free spirit who likes to make a splash with their style.

Woow First Date 2 ­– No list of boho eyeglass frames would be complete with a cat-eye style. Woow First Date 2 is romantic and vintage looking but offers a little surprise with two-toned temples.

Mostly Cs:

You’re a trendsetter, embracing styles before they become mainstream and leading the way in the style department. You like things that are cool and modern and your eyeglass frames should reflect that. You might like:Mostly Cs

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L.A. Eyeworks Blakey – Blakey eyeglass frames are made from HD acetate for luminosity and lightness. While they might be tortoiseshell, the fun shape and sharp edges make them modern.

Tom Davies TD466 – Oversized? Check. Acetate? Check. Transparent? Check. These super cool, handcrafted Tom Davies eyeglass frames are fashion forward, yet also highly functional.

Volte Face Frida – The pop of purple on these tortoiseshell eyeglass frames give them a modern twist. The cat-eye shape isn’t too in-your-face and will flatter most face shapes.

Woow Heat Up 2 – Heat Up 2 is the perfect mix of quirky and polished with translucent acetate frames, a keyhole bridge, and argyle temple tips.

Mostly Ds:

You’re athletic, adventurous, and appreciate the great outdoors. You need glasses that can keep up with your active lifestyle and sporty personality. You might like:

Silhouette 5518 (Color 5540) – These frames mix a rimless style with a full-rim look for a hybrid that’s modern and fun. While they look cool, they’re also perfect for people who are active because they’re made from powerful titanium and are lightweight.

Blog by The Spectacle Shoppe

Rudy Project Noyz – Okay, so these are technical sports sunglasses but they’re still one of our most popular styles for athletes. The sunglasses are unisex, semi-rimless, wrap-around frames. They also have adjustable nose pads and anti-slip t-lock temple tips.

Ray Ban 5294 2077 – These titanium Ray-Ban eyeglass frames are lightweight and durable. The adjustable nose pads and padded temple tips ensure you’ll be comfortable while you’re out and about enjoying the fresh air.

Rudy Project Kylix – Rudy Project Kylix are unisex sports sunglasses. They’re semi-rimless with a sleek rectangular shape. Since they have 360-degree adjustable temples, they fit nearly every head shape and you won’t have to worry about them falling off.

Now that you have some idea for glasses that may fit your personality if you’d like to try them on, schedule an appointment at the Spectacle Shoppe. Give us a call at 604-263-2628 or email us at leo@spectacleshoppe.ca. We’re currently open by appointment only in order to keep our customers and team safe but we can still help you see clearly and stylishly. You can also browse our website to see our full selection of eyeglasses for men, women, and children in Vancouver.