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Eyewear is a broad category that includes everything from spectacles to performance eye protectors. Different quality standards may apply to different eyewear depending on the type and intended purpose. However, durability and product safety remain important considerations across the board. As experts in the field, we at The Spectacle Shoppe conduct a wide range of performance tests and lab tests for all types of eyewear. We can help you ensure that your product meets the quality and safety requirements of your destination market, as well as all applicable international standards.

Poor quality lenses have a lot of glare from any light on them. Having great coatings makes a huge difference. We order specific lenses that suit your needs, all prescription lenses are verified with the doctor that wrote them, and they are checked two to three times before they’re even ordered! Once ordered and received, they are checked so that all the numbers on the prescription are on the lens. Anything that doesn’t check out to our standards goes back to be remade. Finally, once the lenses have been ground down to fit in a frame, it is checked again to ensure we have the correct powers, astigmatism and axis (the rotation of the lens). Before choosing a lens for you, you need to check whether the thickness, material, and coatings are as per your liking. We, as opticians, will be able to read the prescription, so we will go over all that for our clients.

We have many frames in store, and every frame is hand-picked by one of our staff members.

We all check for the best quality by making sure frames are durable and well manufactured. We even take apart hinges to see how they’re made. But most importantly, we make sure we carry a wide variety to meet everyone’s practical and fashion needs. Before choosing a frame, make sure you know the materials used to make it and what the brand and cost are. Poorly made plastic frames are pretty fragile, and poor quality metal frames will stain your skin, so beware. We bring in the best, so quality isn’t an issue, but we understand wanting to make sure you’re getting a great product. 

Listen to the optician’s advice! We handle frames, lenses and prescriptions on a daily basis.

We want you to see your best, and we’ll always help you to select great lenses. Our clients tell us that our eyewear always offers crisp vision, and they are happy when looking at themselves in the mirror! You’ll know within the first few days if the glasses work for you or not. The best part of it all is we can change any problems you are dealing with! 

If you are looking for a sunglasses and eyewear store in Vancouver, British Columbia, reach out to us at The Spectacle Shoppe. We believe that great design, quality craftsmanship, and style are values that all our frames should uphold when it comes to eyewear. We’ve provided the best value on luxury designs and the expertise to help you find great quality eyeglasses. Whether you are looking for glasses or sunglasses, we have a great selection of top-tier brands from around the world. We offer a variety of payment options and accept many insurance plans. We ship eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and kid’s eyewear all across North America.

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