Our Covid Protocols And Policies To Keep Everyone Safe

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Our Covid Protocols and Policies to Keep Everyone Safe

For the most part, businesses functioning in brick and mortar stores took a massive hit during the COVID pandemic. There were many challenges with running a company if the company had no option but to work in person. While companies were working remotely, because people could not meet in person, it did take some time for everyone to adjust to the changes. Processes that were put in stone for the longest time, especially within companies built over the years, were going through changes that they did not think were possible.

The initial days of the pandemic were quite challenging because people were not allowed to leave their houses. Most shops not considered essential services had to stay shut. Our sales dropped significantly, and the only purchases that people were making were remote and through the delivery system. People were now ordering their food home, and they were doing the same with their groceries and other requirements.

If we had to predict the changes taking place over the next couple of months, we see many positives, including the cure to the virus, but we do not see a lot changing when it comes to trends that were catching on. Depending on the situation, which varies from company to company, we’ve been lucky enough to adapt to all restrictions and continue obliging any protocols placed by the CDC and BCCDC.

We strive to provide excellent service to our customers while maintaining the guidelines responsibly and diligently. We care about our customers’ well-being and are working on keeping everyone safe. Additionally, we started working on the website so our clients would be better able to go through it and review our catalog without coming to the store in person.

There were a lot of changes that we had to make through the pandemic. We changed the way we were connecting with our clients to keep up with the new rules. Communication has been altered slightly due to our bubbling system. If customers want to walk in, we may stop them at the door and even help them outside if we are available. We always want to help and in any way that we can. Additionally, we were now using many remote options and were communicating with people over the phone.

We are currently taking appointments and spacing them out appropriately, allowing us to properly sanitize the office between customers. So far, this “bubble” technique has successfully allowed us to provide a clean and safer environment.

We helped many customers through a simple phone call, but we do work in a very hands-on business. During times like these, we recommend giving us a call, and we can assist or book an appointment so you can come to see us. The majority of our clients prefer to come into the store, luckily we’ve been successfully providing a safe bubble in which customers can freely browse our selection of luxury frames.

With the type of business that we are running, we always had customers walking into the store and checking out the stuff we had on display. We would always make time for an appointment to benefit our clients, but now we had to make some changes and get more information before we book an appointment. We now encourage all our clients to call ahead before coming in, although we do not let that hinder you from shopping with us. We can assist certain walk-ins as long as we can do so safely and responsibly. 

Our “Bubble” system is much like the safety protocols you may have been practicing yourself. We ask that you come alone or with members of your household to ensure the safest visit possible. We also follow all the rules implemented by the authorities to make sure everyone we deal with is safe. People had to maintain social distance and wear their masks most of the time when they were at the store. We have several high-powered HEPA fan air purifiers to provide clean air to our customers. 

Furthermore, we regularly wipe down surfaces and any touchpoints to prevent any spread of germs and viruses. We were each frame, disinfected with an alcohol-based solution, and by the classic soap and water wash to make sure we are protecting the people who are trying them out.

We’ve taken many precautions for our customers, but we at The Spectacle Shoppe are trying to protect our staff and prevent any viruses from spreading. We are closed on Mondays, and the rest of our staff come in on alternate days allowing space between ourselves. Overall, we ensure that the store is always functional, matching the timings that we had put out pre-pandemic, but the staff rotate internally to keep everyone safe.

Most companies moved to remote working and started getting their employees to sign in from home to get things done. Being a brick-and-mortar store, these are not changes that we could implement. We had to keep coming in, and our clients had to meet us in person to coordinate the process. We were not using any secure servers when passing on any information because we did not have any sensitive details to protect.

Additionally, with the work we were doing, we had to be open to changes like the ones taking place because of the pandemic and the safety measures that our clients had to follow when visiting us at the store. Most of our day-to-day business has been in-person meetings. We made a few exceptions and started providing a drop-off method to complete orders to nearby customers in their homes.

COVID-19 has been challenging to all of us in different ways. We genuinely care about you and your families, if we can provide any kind of service to help, we’d be more than happy to help out in any way we can.

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