Top Four Qualities To Possess When Working In The Optical Industry

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Have you thought about working in the optical industry because it offers so many opportunities? However, if you want to work closely with clients and provide them with eye care solutions, many factors are at play.

Optical assistants or technicians may help provide eye tests, answer phones, schedule appointments, maintain patient records, and so on. Also, when dealing with clients, you need to be patient and solve the problem within your scope of responsibility.

These jobs require certain skills and techniques to establish a prosperous career in this field. To help you succeed, here’s a list of the top five qualities to possess when working in the optical industry.

1. Education

When hiring in the optical industry, there are several things to look for. Obviously, the first one is education. The optical program is a great beginning for people interested in this field. It also shows employers that you are knowledgeable and capable of engaging with clients in a responsible manner. This is because optics is still a part of the medical field, whether you are working for a doctor in a clinic or a standalone shop producing eyewear.

2. Work ethics

Another important detail would be work ethics. You are only as good as the company you keep. Operating an optical system successfully can be difficult. There may be times when employees have downfalls that cause other workers to pick up the slack. Making sure everyone has a good work ethic can ensure everyone is happy and productive!

If you’ve come in with a healthy mindset and are ready to assist others, all the while being able to work independently can be a huge help to yourself and others.

3. Communication skills

If you plan on selling frames or lenses, communication skills are crucial. Being able to have a conversation with a client can be nerve-wracking; there are many topics to discuss while choosing frames and lenses and having listening skills to hear out the customer’s point of view, as well as informing them of what is favorable for their face and prescription. It’s easy to get distracted in conversation, so it’s best to avoid politics, religion, and any other topics that could cause arguments.

Also, knowing when the customer has hit their limit. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing glasses. There are so many frame options and far more lens options. So keep it simple, and know when to wrap up the conversation. Most people have other appointments to attend to, so be mindful of their time.

4. Respect

Respect is on the list, and we hope that this is a mutual agreement among all other career paths. In this field, there is a lot of diversity, and anyone can become an optician. Having respect for your coworkers and clients will only reflect positively on the business you work for.

Having respect for coworkers is very important. Opticians can be younger and older, so keeping preconceived notions at the door is advisable.

We are all working towards the same goal, giving help when asked, and asking for help when needed!

Respect for customers is a given, but if you treat someone in a poor manner, don’t expect good results. While meeting with someone, hearing their perspective and how you can help is everything!


Lastly, when looking into a career in optics, there are many paths you can go down. If you want to work in a clinic, there are sight testing opticians who may assist with pre-testing before going into an eye exam.

If you want to work in a lab, your main focus would be lenses and making/inserting those lenses into frames for clients.

You could also enjoy the selling portion of optical, which would include discussing with clients what frames look good on them while deciding the best lenses for them.

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